Implementing Insurance Services

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every year us’ companies struggle to deal with the skyrocketing cost of insurance that is caused by at of control workers comp claims operational problems and a bureaucratic system that is incapable of fighting fraud for example when it comes to workers comp there is an entire industry of doctors and lawyers dependent on insurance payout which unfairly rigs the system against employers that is why executive control insurance services or dcis was formed to help executives reduce costs enforce standards and best practices and regain control of their company’s traditional brokers simply don’t have the resources to find and deter fraud or the expertise to optimize claims handling in contrast ECIS is unique hybrid that provides consulting and in the field support as well as insurance brokerage services our track record shows that we can cut the cost of your existing claims by 30% and new claims by 70% significantly and rapidly lowering your premiums as a result how do we do it we start by analyzing your company to develop a customized approach that fits your specific needs then the ECIS team of consultants will integrate with your staff to provide the claims management investigation security and other services you need in order to begin turning the tide in your favor our next step is to train your executive team how to reshape your company culture had a handle incidents correctly to ensure better outcomes employees need to know that if they are legitimate lead her on the job they will be well taken care of they also need to know that cheating and fraud will be discovered and those responsible will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and were proven program will quickly begin to reduce the number of claims you face making it easy for our team of placement specialists to step in and find quality policies that are less costly and more comprehensive than your current plans don’t let the rising cost of insurance kill or even slow down your business contact ECIS today to find out how you can join the family of companies that have taken advantage of this program to reduce costs and retake control of their companies

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